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Make your own label pack (8 pack)

Make your own label pack (8 pack)

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Now you can curate your own label pack! Mix and match your favorite designs. All labels are woven, except Cup of Sewjo which is a cotton label.

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Choose your Labels

0 of 8
0 of 8
Just pick your favorites by selecting the quantity of each label design. You can choose to get 8 of the same, or mix and match any of the designs so they add up to 8.
I'm Fragile I'm Fragile $0.00
Feeling Good Feeling Good $0.00
Pink Flower Pink Flower $0.00
Sewn Slow Sewn Slow $0.00
Made by Mama Made by Mama $0.00
Cup of Sewjo Cup of Sewjo $0.00
Flower Quilt Flower Quilt $0.00
Happy Quilt Happy Quilt $0.00
Scrappy but Happy Scrappy but Happy $0.00
50% Yee, 50% Haw 50% Yee, 50% Haw $0.00
I Dress Myself I Dress Myself $0.00
Thread Thread
Sold out
Daisy Child Daisy Child $0.00
My Stayin' Home Dress My Stayin' Home Dress $0.00
Well, Ain't That Cute Well, Ain't That Cute $0.00
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  • Super cool designs
  • Top quality woven labels
  • Centerfold with seam allowance on top

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