The Real Small Business MVP: The Thermal Printer

The Real Small Business MVP: The Thermal Printer

Have you ever wanted to add a little flair to your packages without blowing your budget? Well, look no further than a thermal printer! These nifty little machines are not only useful for printing shipping labels, but they can also be a game-changer when it comes to making quick stickers that you'll use to decorate packages, to add pricing, or whatever else you can think up. 

Thermal printers use heat to transfer ink onto paper, eliminating the need for expensive ink cartridges. 

How Can You Make Stickers Fast and Cheap?

All you need is a thermal printer, label paper, and a design in mind. Just load the label paper into the printer, send your design to print, and bam! You'll have a stack of custom stickers ready to go in no time. And you don't have to settle for just white backgrounds. They make different color sticker rolls and I've even seen holographic ones and some in a few different shapes and sizes.

I have the Munbyn 130B printer. I thought it was a good price and the reviews were good. They also have a big selection of different label colors and sizes. My printer has an accompanying app that I use to send these graphics I make to the printer via bluetooth. I have to use a USB to connect it to my computer to send the shipping labels to the printer.

Why Are Thermal Printers Perfect for Small Businesses?

For small businesses, having the ability to create custom stickers quickly and affordably can be a game-changer. Whether you want to add branding to your packaging, create promotional stickers, or simply add a fun touch to your products, a thermal printer can help you do it all.

So, if you're looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your small business without too much extra cost, consider investing in a thermal printer. Below are some examples of how I use the labels and stickers I print off my thermal printer.

I use the 2" circle labels to print off thank you stickers to add a little something extra and personal to the packages I ship. I really think touches like this elevate the experience for the customer. I even use my thermal printer to print the stickers you see on the back of your "make your own pack" packs. I use the 4x6" labels and I designed a graphic that has the sticker two up on a sheet. I cut the top and bottom with pinking shears to make them look real cool.

I design my graphics in Adobe Illustrator, but you can use any program you prefer as long as you can export an image from it. You want to make sure you are using only black and white in your design because you won't be be able to print gradients or color. You can find premade designs in the Munbyn app too and design within the app, although the options are slightly limited.

I recently did market and I wanted some cute pricing stickers. I used 2" circle labels in brown this time to print different pricing sticker designs for each product. I have a BA in Graphic Design, so I love getting to design these little nuggets for my business.

That's pretty much it for now! I really love the versatility of my thermal printer and how it's enabled me to personalize various things in my business. Let me know how you use your thermal printer or if you're thinking about adding one to your business! If you have any questions about details on the process or anything else, I'd be happy to answer them. 

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